Everyone loves presents! But I’m kinda bothered by people telling me: “I wanted to get you some comics, but I’m not sure what you have, so I got you NOTHING.” It’s not funny anymore. So I have here the list I send Santa every year and will be updating it regularly. (Last update: 20 June 2019)

What Comics I Want

  • House of Secrets Omnibus
  • Joss Weldon’s Astonishing X-Men Omnibus
  • Alias Omnibus
  • Howard the Duck Omnibus
  • Immortal Iron Fist Omnibus
  • Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive, Volumes 1-3
  • Batwoman Volumes 5-6
  • Booster Gold, Volume 6: Perfect Imperfect
  • Hard Time: 50 to Life
  • Hellboy in Hell, Volume 2: The Death Card
  • FBP, Volume 4
  • Ed Brubaker’s The Fade Out
  • Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways
  • Civil War: New Warriors
  • Civil War: Punisher War Journal
  • Civil War Companion
  • Superman: The Man of Steel, Volumes 1 and 7
  • Superman, Volume 1: No Limits
  • Superman, Volume 2: Endgame
  • Superman, Volume 4: Critical Condition
  • Diana Prince, Volumes 1-2 and 4
  • JSA, Volume 7: Princes of Darkness
  • Justice Society of America: Axis of Evil
  • Justice Society of America: Super Town
  • Justice Society of America: Monumental Point
  • Justice League of America: Team History
  • Justice League of America: The Dark Things
  • Justice League of America: Omega
  • Justice League of America: The Rise of Eclipso
  • Grant Morrison’s Supergods
  • Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man
  • China Miéville’s Dial H
  • Wednesday Comics
  • Powers Hardcover Edition, Volume 4 onwards
  • Will Eisner’s The Plot
  • Alan Moore’s Lost Girls
  • The collected Humbug
  • Mister X: The Archives
  • A People’s History of the American Empire
  • The Graphic Canon
  • Lone Wolf and Cub Volumes 10, 12-14, 18-20, 22-26

What I Like that is Not a Comic

  • A meal or just coffee

One Response to “Presents!”

  1. Mag Says:

    Want to have coffee Dr Gwee?

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