Gweek is Gwee Li Sui, who lives in Singapore.

He started this blog on May 21 2008, 3 days after his father turned 70, to pay homage to the fact that life is when we are doing the little things. There is really no other goal than to enjoy the passing of time, and I hope to share with each chance I get a little work of art whose thought or image happens to wander into my head.

I won’t be blogging systematically though. The chronology has no particular thematic order and relates more to when a publication or event occurs or an idea surfaces. If you are seeing a pattern, you may have a talent I don’t have a name for. If a link doesn’t work, it means that the entry is written but not yet unveiled. If a title is not linked, there is an intention to make a related entry soon.

I am still in the process of adding my old but newly found writings and drawings! You should be seeing new categories for this end of archiving my own almost forgotten published materials. If you do possess some of these documents yourself and want to help me with archiving, let me know?

And always feel comfortable to drop me a note if you have any thought or comment to share. Above all, have fun here!


10 Responses to “Gweek”

  1. Rosey Says:

    gwee ur amazin ur talents r neverendin!! xxx

  2. Edwin Koh Says:

    Art is life. comics the juice. Yakerty yak, the neurons firin.

  3. starlala Says:

    Hello! A friend of mine showed me your post on Evangelism, and it just randomly came to my mind that you might like to check out Blankets by Craig Thompson (
    if you haven’t. I’m a comic fan too. Read a few of what you have read in your Comics list. I thought you might like Blankets since it’s a comic, and it was a comic that’s close to my heart because the writer was brought up in a Christian family, but renounced his faith when he became an adult due to many experiences in his life, as well as thoughts that went through his head. Reminded me of myself somehow.

  4. Gweek Says:

    dear starlala, thanks for the suggestion and your lil sharing! Blankets has been on my long buy-list for a while — but not enough money lah! i need to find an al cheapo copy or, if some FRIEND is reading this and has been wondering what makes a great BIRTHDAY GIFT, weeell, wonder no more!

  5. ~autolycus Says:

    What really makes the little hairs on the nape of my neck unfurl is the fact that your comics reading list is, without exception, on my bookshelves… 🙂

  6. Rachel amtzis Says:

    Hi Gwee, enjoyed reading your explanation of the on the spot poem in singlish. If you are at all interested in tne Nepali poetry scene, please let me know. – Rachel

  7. Rachel amtzis Says:

    By the way, Ive read Blankets. Was honestly underwhelmed, sorry to say.

  8. Gweek Says:

    Thanks, Rachel: the whole explanation for the Singlish poem is kinda tongue-in-cheek though. 😀 And you know what? I haven’t felt the urgency to pick up Blankets for years…

  9. Rachel Demi Says:

    Oh really? I guess I will have to ask someone else what the poem really means.

  10. Joyce Says:

    Hi Gweek, I’d like to get in touch with you with regards to a press conference. May I request for your e-mail? Thanks!

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