The Leeter Tunku

June 9, 2019

Written and illustrated by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Translated into Singlish by Gwee Li Sui

Published by Edition Tintenfaß, 2019

From Back Cover:

“Bye bye,” said the fox.

“This is my secret. Simper-simper one:
You can see with your heart nia.
What is tok kong the bak chew cannot see.”

From Inside Page:

Singlish is the unofficial language of the people of Singapore. It mixes English with the other languages and dialects spoken by the ethnic Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, and others who live there. The patois has a growing vocabulary, an evolving syntax, and distinct rhythms. It is witty, punchy, and practical and encrypts shared memories and experiences.

The Leeter Tunku is the world’s first Singlish translation of a literary classic.

From the Dedicatory:

Nah, Léon Werth

I hope you chiwren can panchan-panchan I dedicate this book to an ah lao hor. I got good excue one: this one ah lao is my bestest kawan in the whole world. I oso got another excue: hampalang this ah lao unnerstans, even chiwren’s books. I got a third excue: this ah lao stays in France, and he sibeh hunger and cold there. He needs some sayang lor. If all these excueses still cannot, then maybe I dedicate this book to the geena this ah lao was last time. All ah laos last time were chiwren one (although not many remember liao). So set hor, I change my dedication to this:

Nah, Léon Werth
when he was a leeter boy-boy.



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2 Responses to “The Leeter Tunku”

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