Death Wish

October 6, 2017

Written by Gwee Li Sui

Published by Landmark Books, 2017

Death Wish

From Back Cover:

Gwee Li Sui once again shatters expectations from his verse with this gloriously macabre book.

Death Wish distils almost two decades of his personal meditations on the state of death-in-life. In a series of charged, reinventive styles, the poems bring shape to dying in monotony, love, reason, indignation, religiosity, and memory. This collection is a striking invitation to understand our psyche’s regressive tendency towards self-destruction.


Gwee Li Sui’s Death Wish (Singapore: Landmark Books, 2017) is unlike his previous volumes of poetry – frequently intransigent in its arguments, self-consciously brainy with its nods to Kant, Eurydice and Bob Dylan – and all the more a pleasure to reread. It ends with sharp elbows; a pair of poems comment on current controversies followed by an eulogy and an epitaph. A startling cover that is David Lynch meets Annabelle sweetens the deal.

Jason Wee, artist and writer

Gwee Li Sui is Singapore’s eminent guru of Singlish. A poet, a graphic novelist and a literary critic, his forewords for various literary publications make you reflect and ponder. But this deeply thoughtful collection of poems demonstrates the coming of the man. Death Wish as a collection is measured, thoughtful and deeply personal compared to his other previous, more playful collections. The various personas evoked, from the professor and philosopher to the golden child, chart the growing of the writer himself. This is not a collection about dying as the title suggests but rather about finding one’s purpose and meaning in this mad mess called life. In the dying, you find the rejuvenation of life and living as Gwee has expertly shown us.

Renie Leng, educator and writer


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