Next Time No Grande Haiku

March 22, 2017

This haiku first appeared on Facebook.

There is still more than
half a cup of latte, but
I need to pee. How?

Gwee Li Sui


One Response to “Next Time No Grande Haiku”

  1. M. Sakran Says:

    Well, if you’re asking how is it possible, it could be lots of reasons. Did you drink anything before? Have any bladder issues? Maybe there’s an underlying cause. You might want to see a doctor.
    If you’re asking how your need can be relieved, well, there’s these places called bathrooms …
    If you’re asking how you can finish the latte in your current condition, you might try drinking it really fast, if it isn’t too hot.
    If your’re now wondering, how someone could post a comment as silly as this … How indeed? 🙂

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