Comical Literature Singapore, Page 1

September 25, 2014

Gwee Li Sui’s 4-page “Comical Literature Singapore” was published in Peter Nazareth’s e-book Re-Membering Singapore (2014).  It appears in its entirety here with the permission of both Nazareth and the publisher Goa 1556.

For a full-screen view, click here.


4 Responses to “Comical Literature Singapore, Page 1”

  1. Philip Hayward Says:

    Dear Gwee Li Sui

    I enjoyed reading your recent essay on Edwin Thumboo in ‘Asiatic’ (and thanks for referencing my article ‘Merlionicity’).

    I am writing as editor of the journal ‘Shima’

    We wondered whether you might be interested to write us an essay reflecting on the re-publication of ‘Myth of the Stone’ and any aspects of its current reception and engagement.

    Length and format would be up to you (ideally 3000+ words) and we would welcome the opportunity to reproduce any images from the work. Our copy deadline would be June 1st 2015 – happy to discuss any aspects

    Best Wishes


    Professor Philip Hayward

  2. Gweek Says:

    Dear Professor Hayward –

    I’ve only just seen your comment! Thanks for coming to my blog. Do you think that I can have your email contact to talk further? Thanks!


  3. phayward Says:

    Hi Gwee

    Best email is

    Best Wishes


    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Gweek Says:

    Thanks, Professor Hayward. Will write to you now.

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