Godly Advice

May 21, 2012

This poem was published in The Other Merlion and Friends (2015). It first read under the title “Children, Beware of Adults!” for the 100th-episode celebration of the children’s TV programme “Knockout”. A clip of the performance was screened in Episode 8 of Series 5 on OKTO channel on 21 May 2012.

Godly Advice 
(for the Kings and Queens of the Future)

       beware of adults!
Beware of those who will cock a snook,
tell you they know what life is about.
Because they really don’t –
       Nobody does!
Yet some will tell you not to turn right
because they’ve only gone left,
not to blow a snot bubble
with fish
       swimming in their breath!

       don’t listen to them!
Turn up the music!
       Double spread your jam!
Follow your crayon line!
       Believe in monsters,
            feel the spring in your heels!
There’s time enough to grow up,
       I feel.

Listen to nobody
            (except me)
or rather, be your own adult,
wag a fat finger at yourself and shout

       And who knows?
With enough practice,
you might never need to grow.

Gwee Li Sui

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