Untitled 2

November 8, 2009

In the wake of a critical review of his book of poems, a famous Singaporean blogger posted responses that discussed the merits of his own writing. This parody first appeared in a comment to a Facebook link that had a brief challenge to write a “Gilbert Koh poem”. It was later shared but remains unapproved on Koh’s blog.

This week, after
a scandal or two,
I learnt a new term:
“Cyril Wong School of Criticism”.
So, for a season,
I shall call everything
“Cyril Wong School of Criticism”,
wrap it up in
two baby diapers,
and then surrender
the sweetness
and freshness
to the sky.

Gwee Li Sui

One Response to “Untitled 2”

  1. quirkyhill Says:

    this is damn funny! and the other one too! the guy keeps posting articles praising his poetry nowadays… -_-”’

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