Myth of the Stone

July 1, 1993

Written and drawn by Gwee Li Sui

Published by East Asia Book Services, 1993

Book Overview:

A boy and an unbeknown world inhabited by giants. dwarfs, and hosts of delightful creatures, good and bad…

Through a door, Li-Hsu enters into the Architrave, a most endearing world upheld by four Columns, fractioned into two polarities and rolling on a carpet of time long predetermined. And for him, there can be no turning back, no middle way: Li-Hsu must draw to his destiny at the Gateway in an age maddened with the last war…

An enchanting tale like no other in its tapestry of words and images. Come relive and enliven the magical moments of our imagination which we may have somewhat forgotten how to enjoy.

[This edition is long out of print. A new and revised edition has been published in 2013.]

For excerpts, see below:


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